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Endless Love – A Love Story

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A Love Story by Penelope Julia & Frank

A burning passion of Love developed by childhood days!

Love Story is defined as a passionate role played between a couple who believe on the feelings of love. This valentine’s day is brought to you the great love thinking. Why not a Love Story is to be shared with you, dear viewers! This year Love Story belongs to endless love. Hopeless thoughts always failed to lose his courage. His name was Frank who is expressing his own love story which is reproduced below for your kind perusal.

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“Once upon a time in my native village, I was six years old. Since childhood, I lived with my parents who always remained busy to quarrel with each other as such I was too innocent and could not understand the circumstances. I often went my school without having my breakfast when I wake up early in the morning but have to wait for breakfast. I was getting late that day for my school but none of them was worrying about me, about my uniform, about my breakfast. I reached my class room and teacher asked me the reason for getting late without any permission of my teachers but I failed to explain in my defence. Teacher punished me in front of my class fellows. My class fellows are laughing at me for my insult day by day increasing except one of them namely ‘Ninu’ who was mine, just my best friend. Off time, Ninu stops those violent boys who laughed at me in class during my punishment time and cool down them by forcing, raising hands in my favor. All the naughty students, who were my class fellows apologized before me and in this way, I felt little peace in my life. This is not enough in my childhood.

Another evening was waiting for my sadness! I was breathing lying at corner of green fields. It was too cold and Sun was setting in west slowly slowly. It was also raining but I did not want to go at home as today’s morning started with serious fighting amongst my mother and father. She was demanding divorces from his husband but husband not agree but hitting her continuously. I can’t understand the issue faced by them but one thing is common before my eyes that both of them have forgotten respects, regards love of each other that caused a shocked for me. Since my childhood, I have found my mature age but still anxieties overcome! Sky was full of black cover and alarming a huge crowd of drops of rain, today. I stayed at play ground of my village. I can feel that My innocent eyes are weeping with hot tears, blood circulation is increasing in my body with quick response of heartbeat. “Shouldn’t I’v left home to get rid of cruel parents who have no awareness of son?” Raining was make a noise in my soul. “No, you will be missed away and can’t do this as there is no one left in this world for you with regard to save your life or responsible for meal.” Despite this, I had decided to leave home forever, and want to go out of village. I tried to cry in heavy rain, may be cried loudly, weeping full with tears. That day, nobody can’t imagine that these are tears in eyes or raining from sky! At least, I had to get rid of cruel life spent at home.

I decided to travel by Train. How to travel without money? This is not problem as I had already saved some pocket money, and was enough to reach from one place of city to another.

This was a Restaurant situated on High-way where I joined as Hotel Worker. Nature f Job of Hotel Waiter was not into my knowledge due to which I earned money by washing cutlery pots only. Passing few weeks, I was selected a Waiter on account of my efficient performance. I was doing a job resting in a narrow room. 05 Years have been passed away from my life. I read daily news paper with regard to search out missing son news but in vain. May be parents had no idea missed own son who has left away from their lives forever. During the course of time spent at that hotel, I joined some others famous Restaurants situated at Big City and succeeded to passed post graduate class. Many days passed away but I was silent but my heart was burning about my loneliness missing my childhood life to till time.

That was 14th February of my life, I was young and I was deputed as Operation Manager at Night Club. I was fully aware with busy times passing during Valentines Holidays. There are many couples dancing and celebrating Valentine’s happiness in hall but left corner of my spot, a woman was sitting in little dark in front of a table but not drinking. She was smoking and may be enjoying Valentine’s night, may be! I thought. I never thought about any woman or girl since I living in this club. Hundreds, thousands types of women, girls passed away but she was looking different from others. Professionally, I asked her for services. “Life is goal to be won, if fails, it’s not yours, may be!” She replied me. Mam! Are you ok? I repeat in question. She was looking teen girl by speaking style. “Sorry, for inconveniences, Mam! but I am still unable to understand what are you saying, now?” I tired to clear situation. “Ok, I am going, there is dire need to leave here, bye.” She went away and I was wandering about that her attitude was too much aggressive. Have this valentine’s  day forced me to think about that, I knew.

Next morning of Valentine’s day, it was 15th February. I was on beach and thinking about that girl met last night in club. I was thinking, I felt a hand was on my left shoulder. I saw her, really before my eyes. She was beautiful but here eyes was read. May be she did not sleep last night. People enjoyed but she was alone, probably. “Hello! I am Penelope Julia, I’v met in club, remember”, She said. Ya-hp! Hi. This was first meeting with her but every morning was started from beach and ends with bitters of life between us. She was also alone in her life. Valentine’s day left some memorable moments between us and proved as best companion with each other. She got married with me. She was now Julia Frank. Penelope Julia was beautiful star highlighted herself on sky for me and she gave me too much. She often listened my childhood story but this time, now, is Love Story, endless love between us and Valentine’s Day is our birthday of Love”.

Today’s best lesson is my life that I left something wrong, I got something best for myself!

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